VetPro Carbon Air Dental Machine with Compressor

A premium air dental machine including compressor designed exclusively for Veterinary use.

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VetQuip’s premium “VetPro Carbon” air dental machine has been specially designed for the Veterinary industry. We have listened to your feedback and put together what we feel are the best components available to give you continuous hassle-free dentals at a realistic price.

The VetPro Carbon uses an MTI Dental low-noise oil-free compressor that has been designed exclusively for dental use. Oil-free means no messy oil changes and minimal regular maintenance. The pancake reservoir is ergonomically designed, taking advantage of all available space on the strong yet lightweight carbon fibre mobile base.

The machine is fitted with the highest quality components including a carbon fibre base and compressor cover, ergonomic DCI Dental unit and frame, the highest quality low- and high-speed motors and twister prophy heads to stop animal hair getting caught during polishing. You’ll find the standard accessories on this machine are optional extras on many others!


  • MTI oil-less low speed motor
  • High-speed handpiece with integrated LED generator
  • 2 water bottles
  • Suction handpiece
  • Twister prophy heads
  • 21L oil-free air compressor

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